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Fonderie Darling de Montréal & Casino Luxembourg


McMichael Canadian Art Collection

9 mars au 9 juin 2019


Commissaire : Jessica Bradley

“Montreal artist Marie-Claire Blais’s recent painting and sculpture is brought together in this exhibition with earlier works on paper […] Blais now engages hand and body in innovative manipulations that respond to the physical inclinations of her materials, inviting our active perception of space as an interaction of light and form.

Blais cuts flat surfaces to create sculptural volume and gently pulls threads from the grid of woven fabric to reveal new geometries. She painstakingly maps space with finely perforated stencils and creates paintings with subtly hued veils of sprayed pigment. Blais distills form slowly, allowing the pull of gravity to transform shape and revealing the open weave of cloth as a filter for light. Recent residencies in Mexico City and Rome have contributed to the primacy of process in her work as she grounds abstraction in lived time and space using visual thresholds and veils of light to guide our perception.”

2019 © Alexandra Cousins, Exhibition images courtesy of McMichael Canadian Art Collection